Reynald Philippe


Reynald Philippe
Creative Director & Photographer

Reynald Philippe was born in France in 1984 and got his start in the arts at École Supérieure d’Art et Design in Valence. Now based in New York City, he's a creative director and associate partner at Saint-Lazare (@saintlazareparisnyc), a studio specializing in architecture and branding with offices in both New York and Paris.

Since 2012, Reynald has been bringing his fresh perspective to various projects, from the arts and hospitality to editorial design. Photography has consistently been an integral part of his artistic endeavors, enhancing his graphic aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of New York, his photography is characterized by the use of natural light, vivid colors, and intimate, candid shots, all captured with an element of spontaneity.


"Grand Portrait de Ville" 

Reynald Philippe's Ode to New York

Continuing the legacy of Ateliers Saint Lazare's (A.S.L) acclaimed series "Portraits de Villes," Reynald Philippe has been invited to contribute to its intriguing new chapter, "Grand Portrait de Ville." Presented in a novel format – a coffee table book measuring 22 x 28 cm with a hardbound cover – this collection reimagines the relationship between the city and the artist. In this context, the artist isn't embarking on a journey of discovery, as the city is already familiar to them. It's a city they have long explored and connected with, sometimes by birth or through a deep emotional bond, creating a unique and personal link.

In this captivating edition, Reynald invites us into his personal experience of New York – a city with which he has deeply intertwined over the years. His lens captures the everyday rhythm of this iconic metropolis, focusing on moments that have resonated with him. Accompanying these compelling images are Reynald's own thoughts and musings, reflecting the vibrant pulse and essence of New York.

Author: Reynald Philippe
Publisher: A.S.L
Language: French / English
Number of pages: 160
Dimensions: 22 x 28 cm


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